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Konica film compact camera!



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Konica’s film compact cameras

spotlight on Konica’s film compact cameras.

I have written a column about my thoughts after comparing old and new cameras with reference to cameras currently on sale at our Vintage Shop Japan, Inc.

Please note that this camera has appeared in previous columns, so there may be some overlap in content.

Konica Z-up 150 VP 

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This Z-up 150 VP is a relatively new fully automatic film compact camera released in April 2000.

I use a compact camera with a 38-150mm 4x zoom lens.

My own first choice department is the exterior.

It has a golden beige body with black color used in places.

The part that caught my attention was the left and right gripping sections.

The Z-up 150 VP has a black-colored grip on the opposite side of the shutter release button, which makes it a very impressive camera!

I think the Z-up 150 VP is the most fabulous design ever!

Compact cameras are

design and coloring are enough to enjoy.

Enjoy film photography with a cool compact film camera!

I’ll be back with more columns on cameras and lenses as they come to my attention, so stay tuned!

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