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Konica film SLR camera eye-level finder design!



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Our introduction to film SLR camera eye-level finders continues, this time with an eye-level finder design from Konica’s 1979 manual-focus film SLR camera.

Konica FS-1 (Reference product)

It will be a film SLR camera with a steel black body released in 1979.

The manufacturer’s logo is an engraved white logo.

This is an angle from the diagonal front.

The design of the corner from the front to the side is unique.

View from the side.
The top surface is nearly horizontal from the top to the rear, but is level with the accessory shoe and height.

Viewed from the top, the design of the front and sides toward the top can be clearly seen.

Back side.
You can see that the sides are almost straight, but slightly curved.

View from diagonally behind.

You can see that each surface is intricately composed.

In this article, we introduced the eye-level finder of Konica’s 1979 release manual focus SLR camera.

In the Maintenance Report column, Konica is known for its compact cameras, but the company has been releasing film SLRs since around 1960. Among Konica’s SLR cameras, many of which had functions that were ahead of other manufacturers, the FS-1 was the world’s first camera with a built-in automatic film winder.

Since the FS-1 is such an original camera, the design of the eye-level finder is also unique among other manufacturers.

It is my own favorite eye-level finder design.

Although I was able to cover the eye-level finder of the FS-1 this time, I would like to continue to write columns on various aspects of Konica’s film SLR cameras, as I have been wanting to do a lot of research on them.

And please look forward to our continued introduction of eye-level finders of various designs!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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