Maintenance Report

Konica Z-up150 VP Camera cleaning work


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Konica Z-up150 VP

We will be doing cleaning work on this camera we purchased.

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Remove dust from the exterior.

Opening the film chamber to remove dust

Wipe the metal parts with cotton swabs using anhydrous ethanol

Swab the battery compartment with anhydrous ethanol

Insert batteries to check operation

Clean the lens with a cotton swab using anhydrous ethanol

Clean the viewfinder

Clean the battery compartment of the remote control with

a cotton swab moistened with anhydrous ethanol

Insert batteries to check operation

The exterior is cleaned with a mixture of household

detergent and water, using a towel

Wipe with a cloth to ensure that no residue remains

Operation check. Shutter and flash

Check the LCD section

The cleaning and operational checks have been completed

This camera here was released in 2000.

Konica became Konica Minolta, and now Kenko Tokina

seems to be the contact person.

Click here to visit Kenko Tokina’s official website.

Kenko Tokina’s official website

This camera is 22 years old now, so it is in very clean condition and works fine.

There is also a remote control and strap that come with it.

Box and instruction manual are also available.

There is one disappointing part.
The material of the camera case is very deteriorated. Therefore,

I don’t think it can be used.

This camera was made in an era of transition

from film cameras to digital cameras.
It should have a high degree of perfection.

Please try this camera and experience the quality of a film camera!

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Writer Takashi Okumura