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Kura Sushi” changed Japanese food culture inexpensively.


Lunch & Dinner

at first

I’m sorry

Because we can’t speak english

I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence,

but I would like you to understand

Thank you

I go to this restaurant sometimes for lunch and the menu is
always interesting!

Even though it is a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, there are
noodle dishes such as ramen and udon.

We have a variety of sushi and other items that we have
devised to serve inexpensive “nigiri-zushi”.

There are also a variety of menus and games for children to enjoy.

I am always impressed every time I visit.

Menus that produce a sense of season and place of production

This time, “grilled corn nigiri”.

The corn is cut nicely and baked to make a story.

Eat it with a little soy sauce on the sweetness of the ingredients.


Kura Sushi’s unique menu, which is rarely seen at other

conveyor-belt sushi restaurants, is abundant.

It is often said that a sushi restaurant should differentiate

itself from other sushi restaurants.

It is clear that they are competing by developing their own

original menus.

This is clearly evident.

The sushi items that are delicious can be served at any

restaurant if you pay a high unit price, but with a lot of

thought and ingenuity, they continue to offer them at a low

unit price.

But they continue to offer sushi at a low unit price with a lot

of thought and ingenuity.

Well, sometimes there is something that doesn’t suit

my palate, but rarely.

If you haven’t been to Kura Sushi lately, or if you think you’d

like to try it…

Please visit the URL below!


Kura Sushi English version

If you click on “Language” in the upper right corner of the

home page

It would be very nice to be able to convert to English, Chinese,

and Korean.

Although we have opened stores overseas, there are

currently quite a few foreigners living in Japan.

I think this is a kindness to reduce the inconvenience for

people from overseas.

Kura Sushi is a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant

As of the end of July 2021, the company will have 556 stores.

This includes 490 stores in Japan, 31 stores in the U.S., and

35 stores in Taiwan.

※Reprinted from Mita Securities Stock Research

The exterior of the building will be Japanese style itself,

conveying Japanese culture and making it easier to imagine.

There is a “goodwill” at the entrance.

A large sign that immediately identifies the location of the

restaurant even when driving on a national highway with a

fast flow of cars.

This restaurant also feels an effort to lower labor costs to

protect low unit prices.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, there is a machine

where you enter the number of people, etc., and you will

receive a printout of the table numbers for your seating.

This printout is also necessary
for the cashier to read the

barcode at checkout, so be

careful not to throw it away by mistake.

First, tea.

And preparation of “gari” and “shoyu”.

Gari” is ginger with sweet vinegar

Ready to eat, now to order!

This restaurant does not have a face-to-face kitchen, so

ordering is done via a touch panel.

tai (species of red Pacific sea bream, Pagrus major)


Fugu Skin Kimuchi Gunkan (Gunkan Battleship)

I think most customers usually order “tuna” or “salmon,” but

I only eat it occasionally.

But Japanese people like tuna.

Pacific bluefin tuna (edible fish, Thunnus orientalis)

There are many types of tuna, but I’ll spare you the

explanation here.

The website of Kyokuyo, a major fishery company, is easy to find.

If you are interested, please visit the URL below!

Kyokuyo Tuna Types (Japanese)

Kyokuyo HP (English)

As for salmon, it is not natural salmon, but “salmon trout.

Rainbow trout are farmed in the sea.

Back to the story.

At Kura Sushi, you throw your finished plate into the plate

return slot located next to the table, so the table is always

spacious and stress-free.

Next, “udon” eaten at a sushi restaurant, quite a challenger (laughs).

Oh! It is more than I expected! Delicious with the broth!

Kuroge Wagyu Beef Large portion

Oh, yeah!

Even if you don’t use the finest parts such as filet or loin, the

taste is satisfying enough when cooked and processed as

coarsely minced meat

This is the kind of product they must have developed to offer

at a lower price!

Great idea!

Tempura of dried squid

This is also unquestionably delicious! It’s also a great snack with beer!

The last thing I ordered was “corn kakiage.”

Sweet corn, crunchy texture, just the right amount of salt.

I thought I’d make this when I got home.

Today’s column may sound like a Kurazushi scam artist, but

it has nothing to do with Vintage Shop Japan Co.

The only relationship is that of a restaurant where we

sometimes go for lunch, so there is no benefit to our company.

We have no advantage at all (laugh).

However, I often go to this restaurant because I am interested

in the ingenuity of the menu development.

Photograph  Takashi Okumura
Writer Kazuya Maruishi