Maintenance Report

KYOCERA LYNX 70 PANORAMA Camera cleaning work


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We will clean and check the operation of this camera.

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Remove dust from the exterior.

Open the film chamber and remove dust.

Wipe the metal parts with cotton swab moistened with anhydrous ethanol.

Wipe the grooves with cotton swab.

Clean the main body.
Dust the main unit again.

Dilute household detergent with water.

Wipe with a cloth dipped in a solution of household detergent.

Clean the battery case.
Wipe with a cotton swab soaked in anhydrous ethanol.

Insert the batteries into the battery pack and check operation.

After inserting the batteries, clean the lens.

The lens is small.
Clean it with a cotton swab moistened with anhydrous ethanol.

Put the lens back on.
The viewfinder on the back.

Wipe with a cotton swab using anhydrous ethanol.

I’ve finished cleaning the camera.

Check the operation of the camera.

I have already put in the batteries.

Power on!

Shutter and flash OK

Zoom OK

LCD on the top surface
Shutter and others
Display OK

Back side date LCD section also
Display is OK.

Film rewind is OK.

Clean the cover.

Wipe lightly with mink oil.

The cover is clean but a little sticky, perhaps due to the material.

The edges are especially sticky.

Once again, remove dust from the entire surface.

Wipe again with a cloth to make sure there is no residue.

Cleaning and operation check are complete.

There is one part of the cleaning work article that was left out.

On the back side of the transparent surface of the upper LCD

I apologize very much.

This camera appears to have been released in the mid-1990s.

Kyocera merged with Yashica to form
Kyocera brand and Yashica brand, as well as Contax.

There were many attractive lineups.
In 2005, the camera business was terminated.

This is a compact camera from a time when the

camera division was still going strong.

This camera is very popular.

There are not many of them on the used market.
This is your chance to get it!

Please get this camera!
and have a wonderful film camera life!

Writer Takashi Okumura