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Last found in 2022 on a Kyocera compact camera!



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Only one day left in 2022.
The last column of this year is a series of ordinary discoveries (laughs)
I made quite a discovery with a Kyocera compact camera.

This time as well, I will write about the products currently on sale at our
Vintage Shop Japan Inc. as a reference.


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KYOCERA LYNX 70 35-70mm

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I have previously written a column on the combination of these two cameras.

Found on a film compact camera!

However, I made a discovery that I did not realize at the time.

It is the manufacturer’s logo.

P-mini PANORAMA normally has the manufacturer’s logo on the front.

Two places are also included.

The LYNX 70 has no manufacturer’s logo on the front!

The manufacturer’s logo is on the top.

I never noticed this difference before, even though they are the same Kyocera cameras!

Usually, the manufacturer’s logo is always on the front part of any manufacturer’s product.

However, I was surprised to see that the LYNX 70 only has the manufacturer’s logo on the top, not the front!

This must be quite a find!

That was my last surprise find of the year!

Writer Takashi Okumura

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