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In this article, I will write about my thoughts on the design

of the focus ring of vintage lenses.

The focusing ring of a camera lens is a part that is always

used, but its design differs among manufacturers.

I will comparison using two lenses sell by our company Vintage Shop Japan Inc.


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Olympus lenses are
It is a cross square.

The design emphasizes a sense of sharpness.

Minolta New MD 50mm f/1.7

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Minolta is square squares.

The tip of the mountain is slightly flattened.

Thus, each manufacturer has a different design.

The grip design is unique to the manufacturer, making it
easy to turn since it is a hand-operated part.

In addition to the lenses from the manufacturers introduced
here, there are a variety of other lens designs, which I will
write about in the next issue.

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Writer Takashi Okumura