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This column is about
I will write about the M mount for camera lenses.

I will explain using the lens sell by our company Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

Minolta M-ROKKOR 28mm f/2.8

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What is M Mount?

The M mount is one of two types of mounts for rangefinder cameras
introduced by the world-renowned German camera manufacturer Leica.

Bajonett type (one-touch connection between camera and lens)
M mount is a mount used by camera makers around the world for their lenses, so it is a mount used for lenses that are popular with many camera enthusiasts around the world.

In Japan, Minolta launched this camera in technical cooperation with Leica
rangefinder cameras.
M mount lenses for the Leitz Minolta CL and Minolta CLE were used.

Here is a column by our photographer, Mr. Okamura, who took test shots
with this lens attached to a Leica M3 body.
Please take a look at the column.

I think it will be a wonderful experience with M mount lenses.

Click here to read the preview column.

Whenever I get the chance.
I would like to write a column on M mount lenses from various manufacturers
to explore the appeal of M mount lenses.

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