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Lens mount base design for Canon film SLR cameras Part 2!



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In this issue, we present the lens mount base design of Canon’s 1990 film SLR camera with autofocus.

Canon EOS 10 QD (Reference product)

The lens mount on this body is a Canon EF mount.
The mount base is integrated into the body, and the lens mount base design uses a curved, almost straight line from slightly next to the eye-level finder.

This lens mount base is designed with a different outer diameter for the body side and the lens mount side.

The lens mount is secured with four screws. A lens release button is provided.

In this issue, we introduced a lens mount base for an SLR camera with autofocus released by Canon in 1990.

In the mid-1980s, auto-focus SLR cameras began to appear, and at the same time that camera bodies were changing to plastic, designs using various curves became mainstream.

Lens mount bases also became more flexible in design.

I think this EOS 10 QD is a good example of such free design.


Please look forward to my future columns on the lens mount base design of film auto-focus SLR cameras and other areas of interest!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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