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Lunch at the famous Cafe Serina!


Lunch & Dinner


at first

I’m sorry

Because we can’t speak english

I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence,

but I would like you to understand

Thank you

Lunch at Cafe Serina, a restaurant located halfway up the


Cafe Serina

10-21-5, Nishino 6jo, Nishi-ku, Sapporo,

Hokkaido, Japan

The weather was bad yesterday, but today it’s sunny!

The weather was fine and the view from this restaurant was

spectacular, so we

We agreed to go to Cafe Selina for lunch.

When I entered the restaurant, two lovely madams were

finishing their lunch and chatting with each other over a cup

of tea.

Come to think of it, there was a Volvo parked in the parking

lot, and it was dressed to the nines.

I have a feeling he must not be from the neighborhood

(that’s a selfish guess).

I ordered the “Omelette Hayashi Rice with Coffee”.

$8.3 (tax included)

Okumura ordered Garlic Rice with Coffee.

$8.3 (tax included)

He wants to power up with garlic ^^.

No, probably stinks in the afternoon! (Laughs)

The restaurant opened probably about 30 years ago and

the atmosphere inside is really nice.

Jute bag containing coffee beans from the ceiling of the


There’s also a piano on the floor for whoever plays it.

On top of a mountain, relatively close to the office, in a quiet

and fashionable atmosphere.

After having lunch and coffee, I called out to Mr. Okumura

Mr. Okumura!

Hi? Mr. Okumura turns around (laughs).

Since the weather is so nice, let’s go to the terrace!

This place is about 492 feet above sea level, or in the


The pictures may not do it justice.

I would like you to see this view.

Terrace seats

View from the terrace

Hmmm, cold after being on the terrace for about 10 minutes!

Then I went back in and had another cup of hot coffee

because it was cold.^^

When you enter the restaurant from the terrace, the first

thing you see is

This jazz ornament is the first thing you see.

Maybe there used to be an iazz group like this!

The music is fun and jazz is good, isn’t it?

It’s a nice ornament and I love it.

It’s charming, but also very cool and dynamic.

At first it was cold, so I warmed myself on the stove.

I noticed it over another cup of coffee.

Very pleasant jazz music is playing.

I looked around the store to see where it was coming from.

There it was!

In front of the piano we just saw…

There is a boom box

Oh my God!!!

They were playing background music on cassette tape on

this boombox!

Hmmm… nice tone.

Rather than CDs or downloading music and listening to it on

a cell phone

Analog sound is more comfortable and soothing to the ear.

Although the year and model are different, our vintage shop

We sell radio cassette players from the same manufacturer


Please take a look.

aiwa 3 band radio cassette tape recorder rm-21

made in Japan

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We really love boomboxes from this era.

We only have one boombox up for sale, but we haven’t

maintained it yet.

We have a few boomboxes that we haven’t maintained yet,

so we’ll get them maintained and put them up for sale soon!

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Photograph  Takashi Okumura

Writer Kazuya Maruishi