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MAMIYA rangefinder compact camera!



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Today we have a MAMIYA rangefinder film compact camera released in 1959.

MAMIYA 35 Ruby (Reference product)


This compact camera is made of heavy steel and has a silver-colored body with black-colored pasted leather.

There is a film sensitivity setting dial next to the lens and a release shutter terminal on the opposite side.

The lens will be a MAMIYA-SEKOR 48mm f/2.8.

The lens is equipped with a focusing ring, shutter speed ring, and aperture ring.

The shutter is COPAL-SVK.

The upper front of the body has two viewfinders and a light-receiving window for the built-in exposure meter.

Viewed from the top,
The film rewind handle, accessory shoe, exposure meter window, shutter release button, film winding lever, and film counter.

There is a push button and tripod seat on the bottom for rewinding the film.

At the rear is a round viewfinder.

And there is a film chamber lid.

The film chamber open/close lever is located on the left side.

This time we introduced a MAMIYA rangefinder film compact camera released in 1959.

The 35 Ruby series was released from 1959 to 1961, and was a global model that was exported outside of Japan.

MAMIYA’s film cameras are often associated with mid-size cameras, but this introduction of the 35 Ruby is a good opportunity to learn about the wide range of 35mm film cameras that were available, including other series.

We will continue to pick up and introduce the parts of this Mamiya rangefinder compact camera that we are interested in, so please look forward to it!

Thank you for reading my column today.

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Writer Takashi Okumura