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Manufacturer Logos in Transition! Part 3



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In this issue.
I wrote this because I was curious about Minolta’s manufacturer logo for film SLR cameras.

I would like to compare the products currently on sale at our vintage shop Japan Inc. with reference products.

Minolta SR-1

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This is the manufacturer’s logo for the SR-1 released in 1959.

The engraved letters were commonplace at the time.

(Reference product) MINOLTA α 3xi

It appears to have been released around 1991.

The plastic body has a printed manufacturer’s logo.

And the letter O has a great design that doubles as the manufacturer’s logo.

I could also see the difference in the manufacturer’s name, which was all lower case in the SR-1 era and all uppercase in the α 3xi era, and I could understand the transition of Minolta’s unique notation!

I hope this column has given you an idea of the ideas of the makers.

Thank you for your interest.

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