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Minolta film SLR camera eyepiece cap!



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In this issue, we introduce an eyepiece cap for Minolta’s 1991 film SLR camera with autofocus.

MINOLTA α3xi (Reference product)

Here is the keyap of the accessory strap that I introduced the other day. 

The column at that time is here.

Attach a strap cap to stop light from entering backwards through the viewfinder when shooting.

The cap is simply hand-fitted into the viewfinder to complete the set-up.

This eyepiece cap is mainly effective when shooting with a self-timer.

In this issue, we introduced an eyepiece cap for Minolta’s 1991 release SLR camera with autofocus.

This cap is attached to the strap as a standard accessory, but I found out this time that it plays a very essential role in photography.

Knowing the importance of the accessory made me want to discover the details again!


I will continue to write about film camera accessories and other areas of interest, so please look forward to it!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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