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Minolta’s 16mm film subminiature camera!



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Today we have an overview of Minolta’s 16mm film subminiature cameras released in 1972!

minolta 16 QT (Reference product)


This subminiature camera uses 16mm film and has a zone focus with automatic exposure adjustment.
The front of the camera has a lens with barrier, viewfinder, and film speed selector.

It is a very simple, very compact camera in silver and black color.
The ceiling features an exposure setting dial, shutter speed selector, and shutter release.

The bottom is equipped with a distance switch and a film chamber lid.

In this article, we have outlined Minolta’s 16mm film subminiature camera released in 1972.

This is a very rare subminiature camera that uses 16mm film, which does not exist today!

I will try to introduce the details as clearly as possible in the future, so please look forward to it!

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