Maintenance Report

My car! Part2


at first

I’m sorry

Because we can’t speak english

I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence, but I would like you to understand

Thank you

Introducing my car, Part 2!

2004 Volkswagen BORA (JETTA)2.8 V6 4MOTION
Today, I would like to talk about my favorite points.

The steering wheel feels right at home!
The skin is getting worn and peeled off, but the grip feels good in my hand!

The shift knob! Or rather, the manual transmission!
In Japan, manual transmission is only accepted by a few enthusiasts.
The majority of people may not understand it, but it gives me a great feeling of driving.
Half a century ago, everyone drove manual transmission cars…

Walnut wood panels in the cockpit
Not wood grain!
It looks like they are made of thinly processed walnut and laminated together!

The same goes for the shift knob!

Sun shades!
Pull out the mirrors and the lights come on!

And of course, the passenger seat is equipped!
Perfect for nighttime!

Rear Window Smoke Screen
Another great thing!
Most Japanese cars have smoked rear windows, but they are dangerous at night!
In such a case, you can change it to smoked with one touch!
At night, you can change the screen back to the original one and you have a clear view!

Fatigue-Free Seats
German cars don’t tire me out at all, and my back doesn’t hurt at all!
No matter what grade of car you get, the seats are excellent!

No matter how many hours I drive, I never get tired because of the good seats!
Manual transmission makes it fun!
Hardly ever have to worry about sudden starts, etc!
My car is full of good things…
However, the drawback is
I drive too much and consume gasoline too fast!

Thank you very much for your patience.
Next time: Part 3
I will send you my favorite exterior.
Please look forward to it!

Writer T.Okumura