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My good friend



at first

I’m sorry

Because we can’t speak english

I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence,

but I would like you to understand

Thank you

For those of us of the same age or older…

It will remind you of the hit song by “Mr. Hiroshi Kamayatsu,

Monsieur Kamayatsu.

He was once a member of the group sound “The Spiders”


I am sure you all remember that he was active in the

Japanese singing world.

Unfortunately, he passed away on March 1, 2017 from

pancreatic cancer, but his music is the music that will stay

with him for years to come.

Monsieur Kamayatsu Official Website

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※Reprinted from the official website of K-Dash Inc.

Waga yoki tomoyo(My good friend in Japanese.)

※Reprinted from YouTube Hanane (copyright licensee)

But this time it is really about our good friends.^^

Mr. Yutaka Hatanaka is usually active in Tokyo, the heart of


I used to work in the television industry and was involved in

many popular programs, including the most popular show

you watch at noon.

He was involved in numerous popular programs.

Mr. Hatanaka called me to tell me that he was going back

to Sapporo to cut a tree.

For a moment, I was like, “? but I understood immediately


A tree that had been planted in the yard of his parents’

house where he used to live had grown so much that its

branches and leaves were overhanging the road and other

areas, so he was coming back to do maintenance.

He and I were classmates in elementary and junior high

school and remain close to this day.

Since he was back home, we decided to meet.

Since I had to cut a tree during the day, I didn’t have time to

meet with him after I was done working, so we met at a cafe

for about two hours.

I think Mr. Hatanaka has been talented since elementary

school, learning many things and far ahead of the rest of us.

At Starbucks, a tenant of the Sapporo Grand Hotel

Mr. Hatanaka relieves his fatigue over a Caramel Macchiato

at Starbucks, a tenant of the Sapporo Grand Hotel.

※Photo reprinted from the official Starbucks website.

Sapporo Grand Hotel

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He always calls us when he gets back, which makes us really

happy too!

Even after decades, meeting with friends is a truly enjoyable


They talk about their hobbies, cars, where they want to live

in the future, their future jobs, etc.

These men are approaching their late 50s.

In the future, they want to live in a place with a nice view of

the ocean, own two cars like this, and have a job like this.

I want to have two cars like this and a job like this.

We want to live a wonderful life together with our important

friends, with whom we can always talk about our dreams

and goals.

I really want to live a wonderful life with them.^^

Mr. Hatanaka, who always has a positive attitude and enjoys

talking even when his body is tired.

Mr. Okumura is engrossed in the story.

I was so engrossed in our conversation that I realized after

writing this column that I unfortunately did not take any

pictures of Maruishi (laugh).

Mr. Hatanaka.

Today, he is the president of a company that continues to

evolve and focus on creative work, thinking and proposing

plans that benefit people.

Company name is “Docners Japan Inc.

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Mr. Hatanaka, who has recently been expanding his

marketing studies, never stops learning no matter how old

he gets, and is constantly evolving and teaching us many


It was an evening that we too were determined to learn as

much as we could!

Photograph  Takashi Okumura

Writer Kazuya Maruishi