Maintenance Report

My motor vehicle!


at first

I’m sorry

Because we can’t speak english

I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence, but I would like you to understand

Thank you

Today I would like to talk about my motor vehicle.

2004 Volkswagen Bora(Jetta) 2.8 V6 4motion

It is made in Germany.

Distance traveled: 278928 km (173317.824 miles)

It has been a year and a half since he came to me.
I ride it every day for a good distance, so it runs briskly.

I have been riding this Bora(Jetta) for a year and a half so far.
Many things have happened to him!

Last year, the air conditioner broke before the summer, and we drove for two weeks with all the windows open!

This year, in the cold spring.
The driver’s window fell in the door! But
But we fixed it with clear tape!
Perfect visibility!
Perfect finish!

I don’t mind a little rust!

The other day I backed into a concrete wall in the parking lot of a yakiniku restaurant!

And the paint peeling!

Thus, the
I ride every day, so many things happen.

I was particular about getting this motor vehicle!

It’s only been a year and a half, but I’m more attached to it than most people.
Even an 18 year old motor vehicle does its job properly when you use it every day.
The car is a convenient means of transportation!
I don’t care about minor glitches or scratches myself!

I don’t care about age or distance.
Running it and using it is my love for my car!

I’d love to keep the old ones!

Writer T.Okumura