Maintenance Report

Nikon Ai NIKKOR 300mm F4.5 Cleaning work


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We cleaned the Nikon lenses we purchased this time.

Nikon Ai-NIKKOR 300mm F4.5

①Cleaning of the lens body

②Cleaning of moving parts of the body

③Cleaning of the focus ring

④Cleaning of the indicator part

⑤Cleaning the aperture section

⑥Cleaning the front lens

⑦Cleaning the rear lens

⑧Cleaning of the mount

⑨Checking the lens while operating the shutter release

⑩Cleaning the front cap

⑪Cleaning the rear cap

Anhydrous ethanol is used for cleaning, and silvon paper and cotton swabs are used.

This completes the cleaning work.

I want to go outside and take pictures of the scenery in the distance.

Writer T.Okumura