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Olympus Compact Camera Design! Part 2



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Again, I was curious about the design of Olympus compact film cameras, so I decided to write a column about them.

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This is the camera we introduced earlier as a bridge camera.

This is the same Olympus compact camera as the previous one, but it also has a unique design that makes it hard to believe that it is a film compact camera.

From the front, the flash and viewfinder lens, which should be in the standard position of a film compact camera, are located on the shutter release button side.

My own prediction is that since this camera has a 3x zoom lens, the flash, viewfinder lens, etc. may have been integrated into the shutter button side due to space limitations.

From the angle of this image, the gently curved design of the side of the body is noticeable.

The shutter release button is also attached at an angle.

From above, you can see that this is also a unique design.

This was another compact film camera with a unique Olympus design that combined curves and straight lines, but this time it was a camera that clearly showed the characteristics of what is called a bridge camera, reminiscent of a video camera.

If there is a film camera design that interests me, I will make a column about it in the future, so please look forward to it!

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