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Olympus compact camera design!



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I wrote this column because I was curious about the design of Olympus compact film cameras.

We will use the cameras on sale at our vintage shop Japan Inc.


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The OZ 80 ZOOM has appeared frequently in this maintenance report, but a closer look at its exterior reveals that it is a uniquely designed camera.

What can be seen from the front is the asymmetrical design of the molding from the lens section to the flash and viewfinder lenses.

And it has a slightly smooth curved design, not horizontal, from the top of the flash to the shutter release area.

From the angle of this image, you can see that the design is complex and extravagant in a good way.

The unique design can be seen from above.

It was a unique Olympus film compact camera that combined curves and straight lines!

There are other film cameras of interesting design that I would like to write about in my next column.

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Writer Takashi Okumura