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Olympus film autofocus compact camera!



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Today we continue our film compact camera series!

This time we introduce an Olympus film autofocus compact camera released in 1983.

OLYMPUS AFL (Reference product)


It is made of plastic and has a black-colored exterior.
Red-colored accents will be added to the lens section.
The manufacturer’s logo is white in color.

Viewfinder light receiving section.

This is a strobe.
When in use, slide the slide switch at the bottom,

The strobe can be used by popping it out at the top.
Charging time is 1.5 seconds.

The lens mounted is a Zuiko lens, 38 mm in diameter.
There is a self-timer switch next to the lens.
The design of the lens lid is good!

The lens lid can be opened with the slide switch on the bottom of the lens to take pictures.

The top surface has a red-colored shutter button and film counter.
The top of the lens has a film sensitivity switch.

Rear view.
The viewfinder is small.

Then there is a date LCD section and a control button with a lid.

The lower part has a film rewind switch and a tripod support screw.

This time we introduced an Olympus film autofocus compact camera released in 1983.
This camera was one of the first cameras to use a lithium battery as its power source.
The switches on most of the parts are slide type.
The color design was a black color with a red line accent color, which was popular at the time.

I will continue to introduce various Olympus film compact cameras in the future!

Thank you for reading my column today.

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