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Olympus film compact camera!



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In this issue
Vintage Shop Japan, Inc. introduces Olympus film compact cameras for sale.

This product was introduced in a previous column.

Please note that some of the contents of this article may be duplicated.

And here’s a picture of the product from another angle!


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This fully automatic camera was introduced in 1997.

Zoom from 38 to 80 mm

Autofocus and shutter can be operated by remote control.

The gold color on the black color base is eye-catching.

This item,When the remaining power of the main battery gets low the second digit of the film counter number may become difficult to read.

(Below is a photo with the film counter hidden)

The exterior shows signs of daily use.

Otherwise, the camera works normally and you can enjoy film camera photography.

A preview of what was previewed can be found in the past Maintenance Report column.

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A piece of Sapporo in autumn!

A piece of Sapporo in autumn Part2!

Vintage looking windows!

Roof that feels vintage!

Please feel free to enjoy the film camera with this camera!

These are the Olympus film compact cameras.

In addition to the cameras introduced here
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