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Olympus half size camera Part 2 !



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Once again, we introduce you to half cameras!
Today we look at an Olympus half size camera released in 1973.

What is a half size camera?

A half-size camera is a camera that can take two shots of the common 35mm film used in SLR cameras, etc., which is usually a single shot.

Let us introduce you to the half size camera.

OLYMPUS-PEN EE-3 (Reference product)


It is made of steel in silver color with black-colored grips and manufacturer’s logo.

The lens is a traditional D-Zuiko lens, 28mm f/3.5. 

The light receiving part of the exposure meter surrounds the lens.

The lens comes with a film sensitivity setting ring.

Top side.
It has a film rewind handle, accessory shoe, shutter button, and film counter.

A tripod mount is attached to the bottom.

The rear has a viewfinder with guard and a film winding dial.

This time, we introduced the Olympus half size camera released in 1973.

Various aspects have evolved from the PEN-D introduced in the previous issue. The PEN-D was a camera that helped popularize the Olympus PEN series, as it eliminated the need for focusing, and an external strobe could be attached to work with the shutter.

Please stay tuned for more half size cameras from other manufacturers in the future!

Thank you for reading my column today.

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