Maintenance Report

OLYMPUS IZM300 QUARTZ DATE Camera cleaning work


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We will be cleaning this camera that we purchased this time.

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Remove dust with a blower.

Remove the lens cap and remove the lens filter.

Clean the lens.
After removing dust with blower.
Wipe with Silvon paper using anhydrous ethanol.

Clean the outside of the lens zoom section.

Clean the body.
Dilute household detergent with water, soak a towel, and wipe. After that, wipe with Silvon paper.

Clean the viewfinder section using a cotton swab with anhydrous ethanol.

Swab the grooves and deep areas of the body.

Clean the film chamber.
Use a blower to remove dust.

Then wipe with a cotton swab using anhydrous ethanol.
The terminals are also cleaned with anhydrous ethanol.

Clean the battery compartment.
Wipe with cotton swab using anhydrous ethanol.
The terminals are clean without corrosion.

The lid is hard, so be careful when opening and closing it.

Clean the lens filter.

Clean the lens cap.

Check the operation.
Zoom, shutter, flash
Check the LCD.

Attach the lens filter and lens cap.

Cleaning and operation check are completed.

The IZM300 cleaned this time was

It is a fully automatic camera released in 1988. It was introduced 34 years ago already, so it would be included in the vintage cameras.

As I recall, there were many fully automatic cameras of this design around this time, and I myself owned a fully automatic camera of another manufacturer.

It is not a single-lens reflex camera, but it is operated using both hands.

It has a strap on one side, so you are less likely to drop it down.

It is quite heavy, but I feel secure.

I was also surprised by its stylish design.

It was the winner of the European Compact Camera of the Year award.

If I had known about such a beautifully designed camera back then, I would have owned this IZM300 without a doubt.

It was a cutting-edge design at that time.

The 80’s are booming in Japan, but if you go out on the street with this IZM300, you will be able to take a picture of the world.

You might be able to keep up with the boom, or even create it. …….

Writer T.Okumura