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at first

I’m sorry

Because we can’t speak english

I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence, but I would like you to understand

Thank you

Shiju, a restaurant specializing in hamburgers and steaks

Here it is ↓↓

When you enter the restaurant from the entrance, you will

be greeted by soft indirect lighting,

grass and tree decorations, and

You are always greeted with a friendly atmosphere.

Clean and relaxing seating as you look around the restaurant.

When you are seated, order and settle down

Comfortable background music is playing in the restaurant.

Not too loud, not too quiet, just right, and very pleasant to

the ear with a volume that does not interfere with

conversation at all.

I think these areas are always with the customer in mind.

I see… they use good speakers.

I also love the manufacturer “BOSE”.

It is headquartered in the US and is the best sound system manufacturer and

I think the owner has very good taste in using this.

First, a salad from the lunch set arrives at the table.

Mr. Okumura is surprised when the camera is suddenly

pointed at him (laughs).

Hamburgers and rice that appear just as you finish your salad.

Hamburger steak dipped in hot sauce simmering on a hot iron plate.

The hamburger steak eaten while dipping in this sauce is a moment of bliss!^^

It’s none of my business, but here’s a close-up.!

Slightly spicy hamburger steak with black pepper!

Delicious! is the only way to describe it.

There’s a song that says, “Words don’t cross the mind.”

That’s exactly how I feel!

Yum!!! Am I the only one who wants to be buried in this sauce (lol)?

To those of you who see this article and want to eat it.

I want to send this video of cutting a hot hamburger steak

to those who want to eat it.^^

And the way the hamburgers are grilled.

Rare, medium, or well-done, you can also order them cooked

the way you like them.

I ordered the “Hokkaido Beef Fillet Steak Set”.

A fillet is the part of the body located around the black circle

and the red mark in this image.

I found this illustration on the internet that was very easy to understand.

I found a very clear illustration on the Internet, so I used it.

This is a site with very good free images, so I hope you all enjoy it!

Illustration Material Das

Ah! I’m a little off topic.

I’ll get back to it with a video of me cutting a filet steak.^^

This hot and sizzling sensation!

It comes across through the knife and fork.

Oh yeah, cutlery with this knife and fork in it.

I think it’s a common type of cutlery, but ordinary restaurants

I often see a knife and fork in a napkin in the cutlery, but this

shop always puts it under the cutlery.

The designed paper napkins and English newspapers are

cut and laid out.

It also looks pleasing.

I feel the meticulous attention to detail to make customers

enjoy even the parts they don’t notice.

I can feel the meticulous attention to detail.

And hamburgers.!!

Hamburgers” that can only be made at a restaurant

specializing in hamburgers and steaks

Unlike most major hamburgers around the world

It is a hamburger that is a meal.

Volume of 200g(0.44lbs) pate made from 100% Wagyu

beef produced in Shiraoi-cho, Hokkaido

Buns are custom-ordered and additive-free.

I’m a rice person, so I haven’t had it yet, but next time I’m

going to try this hamburger.

I’m planning to try this hamburger next time.

This burger can also be “taken out”.

If you call to make an appointment before coming to the

store, you can receive your order smoothly.

It is recommended to call 1-2 hours in advance to place your order.

More takeout menu items are available

Hamburger set, filet steak set, grilled meat set, roast beef sandwich

We use only the best meat from Hokkaido, Tokachi, and Shiraoi-cho.

I think you should call and pre-order this one too.

Now that we have finished eating, we interviewed the owner,

Mr. Sakurai.

Owner Hiroshi Sakurai, who answered our questions earnestly.

First of all, the name of the store, “Shiju,” had been on my

mind for some time.

I asked what meaning and origin they have.

The answer was.

But before I do, I need to explain it so that you can read and

understand the content.

Japan has long had an era name instead of the Gregorian calendar.

What is an era name? Simply put, when the emperor

changes, it changes to a new era name.

It is the so-called “Japanese calendar”

In the past, China and Korea also used the yuan symbol.

However, Japan seems to be the only country that currently

uses the Genji era name.

For example, the years Showa 1 – Showa 64 are.

A.D. 1926 – 1989.

Owner Mr. Sakurai was born in Showa 40 (1965)

The number 40 is read as “yonju” and “shiju” in Japanese

Mr. Sakurai, the owner, likes the number 40.

He decided to name his restaurant “shiju” because he likes

the number 40.

Commitment to Hamburgers

100% beef with beef fat mixed in for texture.

Only the shank of beef is used, and it is ground the day the

hamburger is made.

The beef is then further ground in a food processor to make it finer.

It is a hamburger steak, but without any binding agent.

For those of you who know what I’m talking about, the image

of a tartar steak is easy to understand.

Commitment to Sauce

Demi-glace sauce with plenty of onion, garlic and black

pepper to make a sauce.

Sauce is made daily, and the sauce made on the same day is

used the next day or later in order to mature and bring out

the best flavor.

Commitment to Steak

The “fillet” is selected from Hokkaido, not by rank, but by the meat.

The “sirloin” is Wagyu beef produced in Tokachi, Hokkaido,

and it is important to choose the best tasting meat, not just

the best looking rank.

Yes, I know.!

I often hear people say in TV gourmet reports that “it melts

in your mouth,” but I agree with them that “soft” does not

necessarily mean “tasty.

The balance of color, moisture, texture and marbling of both

filet and sirloin.

I am a craftsman who can tell if the meat is delicious or not

by its color, moisture, texture and marbling.

Steak Sauce Commitment

The steak sauce is so refreshing and delicious.

I told him that I wanted to hear the secret.

Mr. Sakurai’s expression of surprise (laughter).

They even told me they make it in a soy sauce base with

garlic, onions, etc.

If you want hamburger sauce, you can buy it freshly made

that day in a jar and take it home!

In addition to these, I was surprised to hear about the

particular length of “chopsticks”.

Relatively easy to use for both large and small hands.

After researching with chopstick makers, it seems that a

length of 24cm

the length of 24cm is well-balanced and easy to use.!

This was a surprise.!

I didn’t realize they went so far as to consider the length of

the chopsticks to make it easier for customers to eat!

Japanese people use chopsticks, after all.

I was impressed by the wonderful spirit of hospitality!

Message from Mr. Sakurai, owner, to customers

We want to please our customers.

We want our customers to enjoy themselves.

We want our customers to have good memories of us.

We want to satisfy our customers.

That is our desire.

Message to customers from Mr. Fujita, the manager who is

close to the owner

We see our customers off when they leave with a thank you

for their visit.

The owner’s thoughts and our thoughts are the same.

Mr. Fujita always has a bright and kind smile.

He smiled throughout the interview and said he enjoyed his job.

Mr. Fujita’s eyes narrow when he smiles.


Hall staff Mrs. Fujita

Very witty Mr. Fujita.

When they came to refill your water while you were in the

middle of a customer’s conversation.

She would fill our glasses quietly without interrupting our

conversation at all.

Isn’t it hot in the restaurant?

She is a very attentive staff member!

But usually she’s a pretty bright lady, a mood maker in the store.

I think she is a very important staff member.

All together!

Shiju is a fixed customer, a regular customer, a new customer

It is a staff and a shop that is very customer-oriented regardless of who he is.

The hospitality spirit of this store is perfect for the concept

of the mobile site that our group is producing.

We hope that you will use the mobile site in the future!

Hamburg Steak Shiju

1F 1-18 Nishi 24-1-18, Minami 6-jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan


editorial postscript

We, Vintage Shop Japan Co.

YM Logistics Co.

We support stores and staff with a spirit of hospitality!

We will continue to introduce various stores.

                    Photograph  Takashi Okumura
                    Editor/Writer   Kazuya Maruishi