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Before I get into the meat of this article, please take a look at

Photographer Okamura’s column site, where you will find references to

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Technical Reports

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How was the Technical Report column?

I think it was helpful for those who use film cameras to some extent.

I’ve been so busy with photography that I haven’t been able

to upload my columns very often.

I will try to write one article at a time, so please continue to

check back!

Now the main issue,

this time on location.

Camera used was a film camera

Canon NEW F1 made in Japan

Lens used was

Canon FD50mm f/1.8 S.C. Standard MF made in Japan

I will mainly post images taken by using the following lenses.

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This photo was taken at a

large park in South Ward,


Contractors were busy in the park working on winter fencing

to protect the trees and flower gardens from the snow.

Sidewalk entrance into the park

The sun’s rays reflected the tree’s shadow on the fence.

Here’s a photo of the moment the birds suddenly took off.

Is it seasonal, the day of the week, or the time of day?

There is no one on the baseball field.

It’s kind of lonely.

I like the way the back netting shows up faintly when taken

with a film camera.

A man walking his dog.

Outside the park

Beautiful clouds in the sky

This car is also a very vintage Alfa Romeo

The nose of a Alfa Romeo sticking out from next to an old house,

it’s picturesque.

It was even better in monochrome.

I’d love to do a vintage car feature next time.^^

Taken at a park in West Ward,

Sapporo City

Location in a park about 20 minutes drive from the previous


“Nanakamado” Japanese rowan (species of mountain ash,

Sorbus commixta)catches your eye as soon as you enter the


You’re bearing fruit that will be beautiful this season.

Trees guarding the playground equipment

The contrast between the yellow of the leaves and the blue

of the sky is amazing!

I will frame this picture and hang it on my office wall.

The sun and shadows in the landscape are also wonderful.

Sun and Shadow 1

Sun and Shadow 2

Fallen Leaves and Water Supply

Conifer decoration

Autumn leaves and mysterious stairs

Childhood dream: “Entrance to a secret base.”

How did you like it?

I still prefer photographs taken with film.

The softness of the images, and the unexpected expressions

that can be captured by the mischief of the light.

While digital cameras are undoubtedly more convenient for

capturing materials as they are and from a cost standpoint,

I believe that film photography is very good for expressing

atmosphere and blurring of light.

In addition to the camera and lenses photographed this time,

there are many other good items.

Please take a look at the following URL.

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Photographer Okamura

Writer Kazuya Maruishi