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PETRI Camera film SLR camera eye-level finder design!



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A series of eye-level finder designs for film SLR cameras!

In this issue, we will introduce the eye-level finder design of PETRI Camera’s manual focus film SLR cameras released in 1970.

PETRI V6-Ⅱ(Reference product)

This is a steel, silver-bodied film SLR camera released by PETRI Camera in 1970.

The maker’s mark logo is engraved on the front trapezoidal section, slightly to the right of the center.
The maker’s logo is engraved in the area below it.

This is an angle from the front at an angle.

The front face from the front trapezoidal section is not straight but an angled design that goes inside.
And a curved line is drawn under the manufacturer’s logo.

View from diagonally above.
The accessory shoe overlaps the eye-level finder.

View from the side.
You can clearly see the sloping angle design on the front side. This design is not often seen in eye-level finders.

Viewed from the top, you can see the linear design.
The serial number is stamped in front of the accessory shoe.

Back side.

Looking from slightly below the front, you can see that the design is distinct from the eye-level finders of other cameras.

In this issue, we have introduced an eye-level finder for a manual focus SLR camera released in 1970 by Petri Camera.

This PETRI Camera was a manufacturer founded in 1907 by Kuribayashi Seisakusho, which changed its name to PETRI Camera in 1962 and released a variety of cameras. They were releasing cameras until the 1980s.

And it seems to have been known for its original design at that time.

The eye-level finder is a unique design as I introduced.
I was especially surprised at the angle of the face of the manufacturer’s logo!

I would like to write another column about the eye-level finder, as it is also an original mechanism and design.

Thank you again for reading this column.

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