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PETRI Camera film SLR camera lens mount design !



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In this article, we will introduce the lens mount design of PETRI Camera’s 1970 manual-focus film SLR camera.

PETRI V6-Ⅱ (Reference product)

It will be a steel, silver-bodied film SLR camera released by PETRI Camera in 1970.

The lens mount is bayonet type.

This type of lens is attached by fitting the mount of the lens to the mount on the camera side, but this Petri camera has a detachable ring.

This mount is called a PETRI mount.

The lens is attached and detached when the red mark on the detachable ring is directly above the lens.

The lens is mounted when the detachable ring is tightened clockwise and the red mark moves to the side.

In this issue, we have introduced the lens mount of the PETRI Camera manual focus SLR camera released in 1970.

I have introduced various unique aspects of PETRI Camera’s design in my past columns.

The PETRI mount introduced this time is also a detachable ring type, which is rarely seen in other makers’ products.

Please look forward to my column on PETRI Camera’s film SLR cameras, as they are still very original in mechanism and design!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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