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Photographed in Shiraoi Town!



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The other day, I accompanied photographer Mr. Okamura to a photo shoot for a photo contest to test out a lens.

In this column, I would like to write about the photo shoot.

Shiraoi Town is located about 62miles south of Sapporo City, about an hour and a half drive on the expressway.

Please see the map below. (The red area is Shiraoi Town)

As we have used before, this map is provided free of charge for downloading on the official “eikounoayumi” website. Thank you very much.

Click here for URL Japanese (language)

Recently, Shiraoi Town has attracted attention for its facilities related to the indigenous Ainu people, called “Upopoy” (symbolic space for ethnic coexistence).

Mr. Maruishi of our company informed us that “There is a photo contest in Shiraoi Town! So, I went to Shiraoi Town with Mr. Okamura, a photographer.

Click here for the URL of the Shiraoi Photo Contest Japanese (language)

Shiraoi Tourist Association has a website, which you can also visit here.

Shiraoi Tourist Association’s link URL is here.

The day of the shoot turned out to be a snow-free day, just as Mr. Okamura had predicted.

I got off at Shiraoi IC and started shooting around Shiraoi Ohashi Bridge.

Paper mills near JR Kita-yoshihara Station!

The windows look like dice, lol, very vintage institutional look!

Mr. Okamura waits for his super shot amidst the distinctive smell of a paper mill!

The sky on the Ayoro Beach was of all colors!

The wind was strong and Mr. Okamura’s hair was affected by the wind, but he concentrated on his subject!

Is this a cave? (Laughter)

The sun is peeking through the clouds!

Quiet Kojohama Beach

On the coastline, hands are freezing, so Mr. Okamura wears gloves to take pictures!

At a passing ranch!
The cows are looking at me!

Mr. Okamura greeting (laughing) the cows as he takes the photo!

As the cows started to leave, we finished shooting too(laughs)

Despite the cold weather, we were able to capture some great shots of Shiraoi like this.

We hope your photo will be selected for the “Shiraoi Photo Contest”!

We plan to write a column about the shots taken by Mr. Okamura and the parts we were not able to introduce this time, so please look forward to it!

In addition, the photos submitted for this “Shiraoi Photo Contest” were taken using a lens that is on sale at our company.

Nikon Ai-s NIKKOR 28mm f/3.5

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Writer Takashi Okumura