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Pop-up flash for film SLR cameras Part 2 !



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In this issue, we will look at pop-up flashes for film autofocus SLR cameras released in 1993.

What is a pop-up flash?

A flash that is built into the eye-level finder section of an SLR camera, where the manufacturer’s logo is the first thing you see on the SLR camera, and which pops up when you take a picture.

Canon EOS Kiss (Reference product)

This is an autofocus film SLR camera in black color with white manufacturer’s logo.

This is the eye-level finder section.
This is the figure during normal shooting.

This is when flash is used.
The issuing area seems a little smaller.

The eye-level finder function part is visible.

There is a notch to prevent interference in the accessory shoe area.

The design uses curved surfaces because it is made of plastic.

This is a side view.

Compared to the Pentax introduced in the previous issue, the design is more subdued.

Looking at the other side,

It is starting to look more and more like a pelican.

In this issue, we introduced a pop-up flash for a Canon film autofocus SLR camera released in 1993.

Since this camera was released in the early days of film SLR cameras, when they were first converting to autofocus and plastic bodies, the playfulness of the design was not so obvious, but it gave the impression of a legitimate design.

Why don’t you take the time to discover the many ways to enjoy yourself with the auto-focus film SLR cameras of the time?

Thank you for reading my column today!

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