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Pop-up flash for film SLR cameras Part 3 !



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In this issue, we will look at the pop-up flash for Canon film autofocus SLR cameras released in 1996.

What is a pop-up flash?

It is a flash that pops up on the top surface of an SLR camera when shooting, which is built into the eye level finder section that bears the manufacturer’s logo.

Canon New EOS Kiss (Reference product)

This is an autofocus SLR camera made of plastic and black-colored film.

This is the eye level finder section.
The flash is retracted for normal shooting.

The flash is popped up.

The eye-level finder is hidden.

The top cover prevents the accessory shoe from interfering with the camera.

The design is based on smart curves with the advantage of plastic.

From the side,
It is similar to the Pelican-like EOS Kiss we introduced last time.

The other side is the same.

This time we introduced a pop-up flash for Canon’s film autofocus SLR camera released in 1996.

The design is similar to that of the EOS Kiss released in 1993, but if you observe closely, you will find several different design parts. Although they are not related to the operation aspect of the camera, it is fun to look for the differences when you take a closer look.

I believe that the design progress, especially in the most noticeable parts, is an important part of the camera’s characteristics.

Why don’t you try to find your favorite design in an auto-focus film SLR camera, which is surprisingly easy to obtain, as well as to shoot with?

Thank you for reading my column today!

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