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Pop-up flash for film SLR cameras Part 4 !



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In this issue, we will look at the pop-up flash for Minolta film autofocus SLR cameras released in 1991.

What is a pop-up flash?

In an SLR camera, a pop-up flash is a flash that is built into the eye-level finder section, which bears the manufacturer’s logo, and pops up to the top when shooting.

MINOLTA α3xi (Reference product)

It will be a plastic black color film autofocus SLR camera.

This is the eye-level finder section.
This is the normal view with the flash retracted.

This is a pop-up flash figure.

The eye-level finder function part is housed.
Screws for the rotating part link are visible.

The accessory shoe is designed to avoid interference.

The design shape of the tip can be clearly seen.

I was expecting it, but it did not resemble a pelican,(laughter)

Same thing on the other side. (laughter)

In this article, we have introduced a pop-up flash for a Minolta film autofocus SLR camera released in 1991.

In terms of design, you can see that it is an orthodox and serious design.
The flash is slim but resembles a car headlight.
It is a cool design.

Auto-focus film SLR cameras of this age are now easily available, so why don’t you find your own way to enjoy them?

Thank you for reading my column today!

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