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Pop-up flash for film SLR cameras!



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In this issue, we will look at pop-up flashes for film autofocus SLR cameras released in 1997.

What is a pop-up flash?

The first part of an SLR camera that you will notice is the eye-level finder section, which has a built-in flash that pops up when in use.

PENTAX MZ-50 (Reference product)

Stylish body in champagne gold and black color.

This is the eye-level viewfinder section.
This is the state when the flash is not used,

When the flash is used, it pops out like this.

The part of the eye-level finder that functions is hidden here.

There is a notch where the accessory shoe part is dodged.

The smooth design of the body part, which serves as the axis for opening and closing, is cool.

The fulcrum on this side has a push button for opening and closing.

Viewed from the side,
It looks like this.

No matter how you look at it, it looks like a pelican with its mouth open (laugh).

The push button for opening and closing looks like an eye (laugh).

The other side,

It doesn’t have eyes, but… (laugh).

It still looks like a pelican (laugh).

In this issue, we have introduced a pop-up flash for a Pentax film autofocus SLR camera released in 1997.

In the world of film cameras, the popularity tends to be rather concentrated on manual-focus SLR cameras.

There are many ways to enjoy film cameras.

Why don’t you enjoy your life with a film camera by finding your own way to enjoy it easily?

Thank you for reading my column today!

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