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Porsche Design! Drive mode selector for Contax film SLR cameras!


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In this issue, we would like to introduce the drive mode selector of a Contax manual focus film SLR camera released in 1987.

CONTAX 167MT (Reference product)

The drive mode of the Contax 167MT is the mode in which the camera is shooting.

The drive mode selector is located between the eye-level finder and the LCD panel on the warship.

To operate it, simply turn the protruding part of the selector by hand to match the indicator.

There are three modes available, which we will introduce below.

“In “S” mode, pressing the shutter release button takes one picture (one frame).

“C” mode takes 3 pictures (3 frames) when the shutter release button is held down.

“S-T” mode is the self-timer mode, which takes a picture after 10 seconds of pressing the shutter release button.

This time we introduced the drive mode selector of Contax’s 1987 manual focus film SLR camera.

As mentioned before, the 167MT is designed by Porsche, that German sports car manufacturer, so the body design is lean and refined.

The drive mode selector also incorporates a delicate design that allows no compromise.

I will continue to write columns about designs and new discoveries that make you curious about film cameras, so please look forward to them!

Thank you for reading my column today.

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Writer Takashi Okumura