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R mount for Canon 35mm film camera lenses




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When you purchase an SLR film camera, the attached lens that comes with the camera has a specific lens mount for each manufacturer.

In this article, I will write as clearly as possible about the R-mount, a vintage lens used in Canon’s first SLR camera.

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Vintage Canon lenses that came with Canon’s first SLR camera, the Canonflex, used the R mount.

This was the prototype for the FL and FD mounts that were released later.

The feature is that the silver ring on the lens side can be firmly fixed by tightening it after inserting it into the camera’s alignment mark.

This mechanism is called a spigot mount.

(Camera mount side)

This spigot mount was succeeded by later FL and FD mounts.

The above is a brief description of Canon’s R mount to give you an idea of what it is all about.

Stay tuned as I continue to write about lens mounts!

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