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Rangefinder camera introduction!



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Speaking of vintage cameras, rangefinder cameras!

This time, we would like to introduce a 1961 Canon rangefinder camera for sale at our Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

What is a rangefinder camera?> 

This camera has a built-in rangefinder inside the camera, and according to the distance, the camera uses a focusing ring to adjust and superimpose the subject seen through the two windows in the front of the camera.

For more information on rangefinder cameras, see the column below.

Range finder camera
Canon rangefinder cameras!
The viewfinder on a rangefinder camera!


Canon Canonet (SE 45mm f/1.9

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*This item is in as-is condition.

Product Details

The body has minor scuffs and scratches from age and normal use.

The lens is clean.
The aperture feathers work properly.

The shutter is released according to the speed.
The indicator hand moves when the aperture dial is set to AUTO.

The film winding lever is a unique Canon type located at the bottom of the body.

The viewfinder is dirty.

The film chamber has minor scratches due to age and normal use.

Included are a lens cap, lens hood (with case), and hard case.

*The product is as-is due to incomplete operation checks.

appeal point

This Canonet was released in 1961, but the body and lens are so beautiful that it is hard to believe that the camera is 62 years old.

I have decided to keep this camera as is because I am not familiar with the operation of this type of rangefinder camera, but the basic parts of the camera work, so I think it can be used for photography.

And the weight of the camera is very heavy, but if you think of it as the weight of half a century of life, it feels light (laughs).

This time, we introduced the 1961 Canon rangefinder camera that is on sale at our Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

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