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RICOH’s lens shutter film half camera!



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Today we will give you an overview of RICOH’s Lens Shutter Film Half Cameras released in 1965.

RICOH AUTO HALF S (Reference product)


It will be a camera that can shoot 35mm film in half size.

The lens will be a RICOH 25mm f/2.8. The shutter is made by SEIKO.
The body is made of steel with silver side stripe design. The self-timer lever has a red mark. The bottom
part of the body has a mechanism to wind up the film with a spring.

The military arm is equipped with a shutter release button and a film sensitivity dial.

In this article, we have provided an overview of RICOH’s lens shutter film half cameras released in 1965.

RICOH half cameras are one of the many film cameras that remain in the market today.

It has an unusual design and mechanism that cannot be found anywhere else.

We will focus on further details in the future, so please look forward to them!

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