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Roof that feels vintage!


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We took a close-up look at vintage roofs that can be seen in

This is a test image taken by this camera, which is currently on sale
at our Vintage Shop Japan Inc.


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(The image was taken using FUJIFILM FUJICOLOR 100 (ISO100)
film and enlarged on a PC.

Vintage church roof

It is cylindrical in shape and has a lightning rod standing on it.

The entrance roof is ornately decorated.

The symbolic part of the church is plain.

Vintage roof of Sapporo City Museum of Art

A sturdy lightning rod will be attached to the extension from the
main entrance.

A uniquely shaped chimney is attached at both ends.

Vintage roof of brick building

This is the roof of a brick building that stands out among buildings and
commercial buildings.

There is a chimney at the top.

And it is equipped with a snow fall prevention bracket.

These are some of the vintage roofs we have seen.

All roofs have one thing in common: they’re made of tin.

Unlike areas that do not get much snow, these roofs are designed for
snowy regions because they are designed to allow snow to fall easily
during the winter season.

These days, we hardly see these tin roofs anymore.

We put on snowfall protection hardware in high-traffic areas,
like the roofs of brick buildings.

We’ll be back with more columns as we discover more vintage buildings,
so stay tuned!

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Writer Takashi Okumura