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Self-timer design for YASHICA film SLR cameras!



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In this issue we will be looking at the self-timer of YASHICA’s 1978 manual focus film SLR camera.

YASHICA FRⅡ  (Reference product) 

The self-timer is located on the front of the body next to the lens mount.

When in use, the plastic lever is pulled counterclockwise.

Then turn the silver-colored round knob counterclockwise.

The self-timer then moves, and the lever that was initially depressed comes back to 12 o’clock on the clock to release the shutter.

In this issue, we have introduced a self-timer from a YASHICA manual focus SLR camera released in 1978.

I think this FR II self-timer looks very nice because the rotating shaft part is covered with the same paste leather.

The start of the self-timer is different from other SLR cameras, and it is a very unique and easy-to-use camera that does not use the shutter release button.

We will continue to introduce more unique and unique designs among the standard equipment of film cameras in the future, so please look forward to it!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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Writer Takashi Okumura