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Self-timer for Asahi Optics’s film SLR camera Part 2!



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This is a series of articles introducing film SLR camera self-timers!

This time we would like to introduce the self-timer of Asahi Optics’s manual focus film SLR camera released in 1973.

The Role of the Self-Timer

The self-timer is a function that allows you to release the shutter after a period of time when taking a picture.
This can be a very useful part of the process when you want to take a picture of yourself by yourself.

ASAHI PENTAX SPOTMATIC F (Reference product)

This is a SPOTMATIC F, released in 1973.

The self-timer is located next to the lens mount on the shutter button side.

The lever itself is machined for the hand-holding part when using.

Self-timer lever with longer dimensions.

To use the self-timer, push the lever counterclockwise with your hand in the direction of about 6 o’clock, as shown in this image.

When the hand is released from the lever, this lever returns clockwise around the spherical part. When the tip reaches 12 o’clock, the shutter is automatically released.

This is the self-timer lever of ASAHI PENTAX SLR cameras from 1975 onward, which I introduced in a previous column.

Although the chronological order is reversed, the hand-holding part has been changed from a machined lever to a plastic one.



This time we introduced a self-timer for a manual focus film SLR camera released in 1973 by Asahi Optics.

Looking at various self-timer levers, we can see the differences in age even among the same manufacturer.
The levers from the previous era were machined, and I was reminded of the wonderful and intricate Japanese manufacturing process.

I will continue to write columns on various camera details in the future, so please look forward to them!

Thank you for reading my column today.

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