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Self-timer for Asahi Optics’s film SLR camera!



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It has been a while since we have introduced a series of film SLR camera self-timers!

This time we will introduce two types of manual focus film SLR camera self-timers from Asahi Optics released in the 1970s.

What is self-timer?

It is a function that allows you to release the shutter after a period of time when taking a picture.
This is a very useful part when you want to take a picture of yourself by yourself.

PENTAX K2 (Reference product)

This K2 was released in 1975.

The self-timer is located next to the lens mount on the shutter button side.

It has a wide area to hang your hand when using it.
There is a trapezoidal white painted marker to identify it as a self-timer.

Short dimension self-timer lever.

When using the self-timer, the lever is moved counterclockwise by your own hand like this. 
This moves clockwise around the spherical part, and when the tip reaches 12 o’clock, the shutter is released.

PENTAX ME Super (Reference product)

This ME Super was released in 1979.

This one also has a self-timer lever next to the lens mount on the shutter button side.

The shape of the hand-holding part is different from that of the K2.

The length of the lever is also longer than that of the previously mentioned K2.

This is the tilt of the lever when using the ME Super’s self-timer.
This lever also tilts to 9 o’clock on the clock.

For reference, here is the self-timer lever from a 1950s-1960s SLR camera that I introduced in a previous column. 
In comparison, the hand-holding part is not made of brass, but is a shaved lever. 

Minolta SR-1

Canonflex RP

This time, we introduced two types of manual focus film SLR camera self-timers released by Asahi Kogaku in the 1970s.

We found that each camera has its own features depending on its age and manufacturer.

I will continue to write about the details of the camera functions in my future columns, so please look forward to them.

Thank you for reading my column today.

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Writer Takashi Okumura