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Self-timer for Nikon Camera’s film SLR camera !



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This is the second in a series on Nikon SLR cameras!

Continuing from the previous installment, this time we will be looking at Nikon’s manual focus film SLR cameras released in 1978.

This time we will look at the self-timer.

What is a self-timer?

Self-timer is a very useful function that allows you to automatically take a picture of yourself or a group photo without a person to release the shutter.

Nikon FE (Reference product)

A silver film SLR camera with a steel body, released in 1978.

The self-timer lever is,
located on the front side of the body, below the shutter button and shutter speed dial.

The lever is made of plastic and designed with white line accents.
The circular portion of the rotating shaft uses plated accents and the same material appearance as the body grip.

To use the self-timer, operate the film winding lever, then press the shutter release button and move the lever to a free position in a counterclockwise direction with your own hand.
Nikon FE will be up to this position.

When you release your hand, the self-timer lever moves and turns clockwise.

The lever then returns to this position and the shutter is released.

This time we introduced Nikon’s manual focus film SLR camera self-timer released in 1978.

We have introduced Nikon’s film SLR cameras since the last issue, and I feel that the details of these cameras are more sophisticated than those of other manufacturers.
I am very interested in the part where the body grip material is used for the self-timer lever.

We will continue to closely examine various aspects of Nikon’s film SLR cameras in the future, so please look forward to it!

Thank you for reading my column today.

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