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Self-timer for Olympus’s film SLR camera Part 2 !



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This is a series of articles introducing the self-timer of film SLR cameras!

Today we would like to introduce a self-timer from an Olympus manual focus film SLR camera released in 1973, 50 years ago.

What is a self-timer?

The self-timer is a mechanism that allows you to release the shutter after a short period of time when taking a picture.
This function is mainly useful when you want to take a picture of yourself or when you want to take a group photo including the photographer

OLYMPUS OM-1 (Reference product)

This is a 1973 release OM-1.

The self-timer has a lever next to the lens mount on the shutter button side.

The lever is designed like the hands of a clock, with plated accents.

To use the self-timer, move the lever to the free counterclockwise position with your hand, as shown in this image, and change the direction.

Then, the shutter lever begins to move when the short lever at the top is slightly tipped to the side.

The shutter will release in approximately 4-12 seconds.

This time, we introduced the self-timer of a manual-focus film SLR camera released by Olympus in 1973.

Unlike the levers of other manufacturers, the lever is an extension of the center of the rotating part like the hands of a clock, which is a fine design detail. I also thought it was a good idea to use the sub-lever to adjust the operation of the self-timer.

I would like to continue to write about the detailed functions and interesting designs of film SLR cameras in my future columns!

Thank you for reading my column today!

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