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Shutter button design for PETRI Camera film SLR camera!



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Continuing our series on shutter button designs for film SLR cameras!

Continuing from the previous installment, we continue our series on shutter button designs for PETRI Camera’s 1970 manual-focus film SLR cameras.

PETRI V6-Ⅱ(Reference product)

It will be a steel film SLR camera released by Petricamera of Japan in 1970.

The shutter release button on a typical film SLR camera is located on the right side of the top of the camera, next to the film winding lever.
The image above is of an OLYMPUS OM-1.

The shutter button on this PETRI Camera is not found on the top.

What a surprise! It’s on the front of the camera body!

It has a shutter button facing diagonally upward.
The button is located inside the cylinder.

And it is located above the self-timer lever.

It is located next to the lens mount.

When I tried pressing the shutter release button, I was able to press the button without any discomfort, even in this position.

This time, we introduced the shutter button of PETRI Camera’s manual focus SLR camera released in 1970.

As introduced in the previous issue, the PETRI V6-II is characterized by its unique design, including the eye-level finder, which is not found in other manufacturers’ cameras.

I was surprised because I had never seen a film SLR camera with a shutter button on the front side of the body.
And I thought it was very good because I could operate it normally.

I would like to write a column about any new discoveries I make with PETRI Camera in the future, so please look forward to it!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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