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Silbon paper, is this how the product name came about?


silbon paper

at first

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Essential for camera and lens cleaning

“Silbon paper”

Let’s talk about Silbon paper again!
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Maintenance Manager: Takashi Okumura

This is my own research and investigation.

I have not written about Silbon paper yet.

It is

The origin of the name “Silbon paper”.

I checked the web and books by myself, but I could not

find the origin of the name at all.

Then I had an epiphany!
Maybe it is not “Silbon” but “Silbon Paper”.
It is an abbreviation of a letter like “Sil〇〇〇bon 〇〇〇”.
I thought it might be “Silvon”, and I looked it up from there.

Then I found out that
I found some information on the web.

Fiber Engineering Editorial Board
Document “Recent Specialized Synthetic Fiber Materials (for Clothing and Household Use)
 Reprinted from “1993-1994

The URL of the document is here.

On page 50 of the second page of this document,

we found the words “SILFINE BONLOFT” by TOYOBO.

I thought it might be “Silbon” for short, so I looked it up again.

I found “SILFNE BONLOFT” in the nylon filament section of this document.
It seems that nylon filament is a thread-like material made of nylon.

Come to think of it…
In the product description of Ozu Sangyo Co.
rayon filament” in the product description of Ozu Sangyo Co.

What is the difference between nylon and rayon?
I found out that

Nylon is a synthetic fiber

Rayon is a recycled fiber

I’ll skip the details.
Both seem to be man-made fibers among synthetic fibers.

I found out that “SILFINE” is a man-made fiber.
Next, I looked up the word “BONLOFT” and found
I found another document on the Web.

The name of the material is unknown.
(Reprinted from “J-Stage: Recent Technological Trends in Chemical Fibers”)

The URL of the document is here.

The 8th and 9th pages of this document, P303 and P304
Processing by chemical fiber properties
There is a process called “indentation method” among the processed yarns

with high crassness, and it is called “indentation method”.
I found the word Bonloft in the trademark!

To summarize the above

Silfine -> man-made fiber

Bonloft→Pressing method of chemical fiber


Silfine Bonloft


Silbon for short


Generally Silbon paper

In the above process
I thought it came to be called this way.

This is just my personal research and investigation.

I learned a lot about the origin of the name “Silbon paper”

from my own research.

I’ll be using more and more Silbon paper in the future!

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