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Silbon paper! Is this magic paper? Part2


silbon paper

at first

I’m sorry

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I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence,

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Essential for camera and lens cleaning

Silbon paper.

As I introduced in the previous issue
You can find more details in the documents on the website of Ozu Sangyo Co.

Ozu Industrial Materials Catalog Vol.16
Page 27 Dasper K-3 is a close product.

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<*It is not possible to purchase directly from Ozu Sangyo Co.
Please purchase from Nikon at the URL below.>

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In our company
We use this silbon paper to clean cameras and lenses

Always use anhydrous ethanol soaked in silbon paper.

*The glass triangular pyramid (handwrap) container is anhydrous ethanol.

In vintage cameras, even the body other than the lens.
It is used to clean the grip and viewfinder parts.

In lens
Front and rear lenses, of course

Lens mounts, lens filters, and lens caps are also available.
cleaned using silbon paper.

When cleaning the rear lens, telephoto lenses and other lenses are

often located deep in the lens.

Wrap a cotton swab with Silbon paper as much as possible so that the

corners don’t stand up as much as possible.

We always use silbon paper for this type of cleaning work.

Magic paper that’s paper, but doesn’t dust!

Silbon paper

Will continue to use it!

I’ll put it one last time about the product.

Seller Nikon Imaging Japan Inc.

For product information, please visit the official website.

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