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Soul food of Sapporo people “Miyoshino″


Lunch & Dinner

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Soul Food in “Miyoshino”

After all,”Gyoza(chinese dumpling)Curry!”

※Reprinted from Miyoshino’s menu website

However, the menu item I ordered today was a seasonal dish

“Bean-curd soup with hot spicy sauce $6.5

It is a high price menu item on this restaurant’s menu.

Bean-curd soup seasoned with red pepper, 6 dumplings, rice, miso soup, pickles

quite voluminous

The dumplings have the usual stable flavor and are safe to eat, though be careful not to burn yourself.

Pickles have always been very popular, too.!

Speaking of Miyoshino, this pickled cabbage^^

I’m sure all of you living in Sapporo would agree, right?

Whenever Miyoshino’s is mentioned

this pickled dumpling and gyoza curry.

One with large dumpling curry, the other with jumbo dumpling curry.

Always ask for more asazuke pickles.

A restaurant that everyone has been to so often that it becomes such a conversation.

Miyoshino” is well-loved in Sapporo

Cheap, tasty, and served within just minutes of ordering!

Maybe everyone walks into a restaurant, orders, eats, and leaves.

I think the time spent in the restaurant is about 15 to 20 minutes.


The reason why Miyoshino’s is loved is probably

I think the reason why “Miyoshino” is loved is because of the company’s solid concept.

Miyoshino’s” is the name of the restaurant and the company name is Ten Food Service Co.

I think the three articles of the company creed are great and I would encourage everyone to take a look at them.

Ten Food Service Inc.

I have loved this restaurant since I was a child and still go there often to eat.

Speaking of his business partner, Mr. Okumura

Today’s order: “Miyoshino’s Set.”

6 gyoza, pickles, curry and rice (dry)

He looked quite satisfied (I forgot to take a picture again…)

What a wonderful meal!


Thanks again for your hard work today.!

Writer Kazuya Maruishi