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Strap design for ASAHI Optical Industries’ film SLR camera!



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In this issue, we introduce you to ASAHI Optical Industries’ 1997 release of an auto-focus film SLR camera strap.

PENTAX MZ-50 QUARTZ DATE (Reference product)

The strap that comes with the camera body.

The neck strap is thicker and made of a non-slip suede material.

Each of the two areas with the PENTAX logo has its own pocket.

This section is a pocket for storing the hot shoe cover and release socket cap.

In this issue, we introduced an auto-focus SLR camera strap released in 1997 by ASAHI Optical Industries.

These straps are indispensable for SLR cameras.

Each manufacturer has their own ideas and has calculated them to the fullest, and we realized that not only camera bodies but also straps have many different features.


Please look forward to more columns on film camera accessory straps and unique designs in the future!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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Writer Takashi Okumura