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The name of Asahi Optical Industries lens!



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In this issue
Asahi Optical Industries (PENTAX)
The name of the vintage lens
I have made a discovery and will write about it.

I will explain using the lens sell by our company Vintage Shop Japan Inc.


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What is SMC?

Super Multi-Coated” is an abbreviation for the name

of the lens coating

It is a multi-layer coating with up to seven layers of coating, which

other companies do not have.

Prior to the SMC notation, it was written without abbreviation

as super-murti-corted.

What is TAKUMAR?

The name “TAKUMAR” was derived from the name of a photographer

relative of the founder (Mr. Takuma Kajiwara).

TAKUMAR” means “friendly competition” in Japanese.

The name TAKUMAR reminds me of a
world-renowned in the world of motorsports and
who is currently active in the U.S.
It reminds me of Takuma Sato, a Japanese racing driver who is
currently active in the United States.

The above is a list of
Asahi Optical Industries (PENTAX) Vintage Lenses
I wrote about the name.

This name series is a part of the series that I want to do a lot of research on myself.
I’ll be back with more columns in the future, so stay tuned!

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