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The shutter button on a compact camera!



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In this issue
I was curious about the shutter button on film compact cameras, so I would like to compare it on two compact cameras.

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Compact cameras are different from SLR cameras.
While there are areas where the color design stands out
The color of the shutter release button stands out.

The green pastel color of the shutter button on the KYOCERA P-mini PANORAMA stands out against the gray color of the body.

The shutter button of the FUJIFILM SMART SHOT II is a light, almost white gray color that matches the body color very well.

The color design of a film compact camera is a good representation of the designs that were popular during that era. The characteristics of each manufacturer are clearly expressed, and it is fun just to look at them.

While camera features and performance are important
It would be interesting to choose a compact camera based on its color design.

I’ll be posting my findings on film camera design in a column, so stay tuned!

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